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The Pure Game
Los Angeles
Tony    Everett    is    the    Founder    and    Chief    Play    Maker    of    Pure    Game,    a    nonprofit    that    uses    soccer    to    engage    over    5000    at-risk    youth    per    year    in    the    inner    city    areas    of    Orange    County.    Growing    up    in    England,    Tony    acquired    a    passion    for    soccer.    His    childhood    team    experience    was    focused    on    fun,    with    minimal    structure    and    adult    intervention.    Tony    recalls    it    as,    “sheer    joy”.    This    liberating    atmosphere    resulted    in    a    relationship    with    soccer    and    teammates    that    taught    him    transferable    skills    and    values    and    helped    him    establish    friends    for    life.        

Tony    now    leads    a    team    of    like-minded    individuals    who    have    a    passion    to    create    change    in    the    lives    of    children.    Pure    Game    couples    a    cooperative    form    of    soccer    with    positive    character    development    in    an    overall    attempt    to    influence    the    development    of    its    participants'    physical,    mental,    emotional,    and    social    well-being.    The    simple,    yet    effective    system    allows    children    to    understand    who    they    through    a    series    of    experiential    learning    moments    that    help    kids    explore    their    gifts    and    talents.    For    the    child,    this    creates    a    better    understanding    of    their    passion    and    purpose    in    life.          
Developing these fundamental skills will serve you for your entire working career.  When you're building teams, pursuing clients or faced with difficult ethical choices in your business, have the right character foundation serves as the compass from which the best decisions are always made.